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Democratization of the market is on the horizon.
Join us.

The digital art scene has been stuck between deserted personal websites and commission-greedy marketplaces. There's no 'home' for artists where they can both showcase their work and benefit from a collective network.


The personal websites are a ghost town with no community and marketplaces do not allow artists to manage their own sales due to their sky-high commission rates.

... and here we go.

This is how we started


We were founded


Pre-seed Investment


Artmono has been launched


First artists from the USA

Our Team.

Artcomun is powered by a team that's been through the ropes with startups like BlaBlaCar, Scotty, Papara, Getir, Colendi, and Kunduz. We've taken on crucial roles in both successful and unsuccessful ventures, building a wealth of experience. Today, we're leveraging all that experience to revolutionize the art ecosystem.

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