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Empowering Artists:
Cloud-Based Retail Magic

Artcomun offers cloud-based retail automation software, making it a breeze for artists to handle quick sales and daily operations, all while connecting every seller in a unified marketplace.

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One-Single Database

We're on a mission to reshape the art world. We're building a unified database that connects artists and art lovers, making every artist easily discoverable and art transactions more meaningful. With our SaaS and marketplace technologies, artists can build their digital brand, and art enthusiasts can explore a world of creativity. Join us in revolutionizing the art industry.

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A SaaS enabled Marketplace

Artcomun provides the #1 art business solution through our SaaS-enabled marketplace. Our fair fees and data-driven algorithms create a unique, globally unmatched environment for artists and art enthusiasts.

Local & Global Discovery

Our technology has the potential to host millions of artists without saturation. Whether you want to explore global trends or connect with local artists for access to local ideas and talents, we've got you covered.

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Product Led Growth

The SaaS-enabled marketplace approach unlocks the potential for product-led growth. The platform, expanding in tandem with millions of artists, fosters an exceptional art ecosystem.

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Participated Accelerators

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What are our principles?

Artist First


Product Led Growth


From Day One

Magic of SaaS enabled Marketplace.

Contact Us


USA 112 Capitol Trail Suite A153 Newark DE 19711



Turkey Torun Center D Blok
NO: 74 D İç Kapı No: 10 Şişili/ İstanbul

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Curious about our work?

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