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Artists exist.

Empowering artists

Just as LinkedIn is for professionals and Spotify for musicians, we, in the era of open ecosystems, are empowering millions of artists with our software solutions.

Art & collectibles

Locating artists and collectors remains a mystery. Artcomun's SaaS solution responds to this need.

Database vision

A search engine can be developed with the help of millions of artists and collectors who voluntarily contribute their data.

About Artcomun

Liberates over 5 million artists.

Since 2022, Artcomun has been at the forefront of innovating business models to liberate the art ecosystem, placing artists at the core.


Tired of high-fee marketplaces and ghost-town personal websites? Artcomun presents an alternative.


Open ecosystem

In the $67.8 billion art market, over 5 million artists are yet to find the tools they need. Artcomun empowers all who follow their passion.


Artcomun's goal is to ensure equal distribution of opportunities worldwide. It provides all artists with its foundational services at no cost.

Artist first

rtcomun understands that unlocking the potential of the art and collectibles ecosystem is possible by elevating artists. Every action it takes is guided by the 'artist first' principle.

Era of open ecosystems

Fanbase manager

Skip the outdated website and the high-fee marketplace for fan management. Artcomun's one-stop solution lets you control your fans and sales in one place.


A single database architecture unlocks access to millions of precious assets, featuring the storefronts of hundreds of thousands of artists. The platform supports searching and trading within its database.

One-stop solution

The artist's path is tough.


Control all your one-person business's commercial requirements through one platform.

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