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Democratizing art for all.

1M artists in your pocket! Begin exploring personalized art experiences with the power of algorithms.

Omni-Channel Distribution

Diversity of Web2.0 & 3.0

Investment and Trade


As we lead the technological transformation in the art ecosystem, we design accessible, consumable and personalized experiences for all.

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1M artists in your pocket

The market now includes the supply power that was previously outside of it, and its diversity is growing exponentially.

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Free exhibition

Simply start with no risk. The platform hosts artists from various disciplines and welcomes every vendor without judgment.

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The algorithm decides what is good

Managing traffic for over a million artists requires high tech! The platform makes use of data to create a customised experience.

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We launched our first product - sanatyapıyo to the local market in the latter months of 2021. During this time, the supply, demand, and scalability of the business model were validated, and we got to work building a global team and product.

Validated Scalebility

Over 4K Artists

Aggressive Growth Metrics

Market Opportunity

This is the era of tech. Why keep it exclusive?


out of market

Only two out of hundred artists get a chance to exhibit and sell. Artists can not join the market, art can not go mainstream. 


art market

The $ 50 billion global art market, which has been around since before the dawn of time, is rapidly shifting to digital platforms.

Restricted access

Middle-income consumers do not have access to original works of art. The market is inaccessible and squeezed into a tight space.

Tech opportunity

The market is similar to the early 2000s music industry in terms of technology and scalability.

A fine-arts Spotify-like platform is desperately required.


Why Now?

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The market is similar to the early 2000s music industry in terms of technology and scalability.

A fine-arts YouTube-like platform is desperately required.

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The hype of blockchain technologies has made people realize the value of investing and owning assets. In 2021, 15% of investors in the U.S. stock market were first time investors.


Meet the Team

Notable start-up experience since 2015.

“Art marketplace platform for independent artists: sanatyapıyo. Mertcan Alganolu and Osman Dora Kezer founded the company in October 2021. It gives users direct access to independent artists and the chance for them to display their works."


We are looking for teammates for crucial roles. If you feel suitable for these roles and share the vision, contact us!

VP of Engineering

We are looking for an ambitious Vice President of Engineering who will be a part of a team that builds the products that millions of people worldwide will use.

Product & UX Lead

We are looking for a product manager who will produce scalable user experience solutions and product these solutions.

Marketing Lead

We are looking for a marketing lead who has taken important roles in statusups, understands the spirit of the communities and is familiar with the art ecosystem.

This is the era of tech. Why keep exclusive?
Contact us for corporate collaborations.

Contact Us


Fulya Mah Büyükdere Cd Torun Center D.Blk No:74/10 Şişli / İstanbul


0090 531 250 36 93

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