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We enable every artist visible.

Offering a single-source solution for all business needs, Artcomun enables artists to simply focus on what they do best: creating art.

Core Features

Website builder

Artists are conflicted about whether to choose ghost-town personal websites or marketplaces burdened by high fees for their storefronts. Unfortunately, neither option adequately supports fan engagement. There exists an alternate route.

Through Artcomun, artists can have their websites built and enjoy directing their audience there without worrying about high commissions, with rates going down to 0%.

Discovery & trade

Artcomun, which oversees websites for hundreds of thousands of artists, provides a comprehensive search and discovery experience through its platform.

Users have the opportunity to explore talents from around the world, search the extensive database, and keep abreast of updates from their favorite artists. Moreover, the platform allows them to offer their products on the secondary market and efficiently manage their collections.

Building this vast database requires the collaboration and voluntary data contribution of millions of users. At Artcomun, we're doing just that.

Powered credibility

Through the power of a network-driven credibility system, artists gain a unique type of verification and trust from their community.


This method, akin to the e-commerce practices of using testimonials, comments, and scores, is enhanced on Artcomun by analyzing visitor statistics, collector engagement, and support from distinguished collectors.

Client types

Artcomun not only assists artists with its services but also serves galleries and collectors.


"Artists first"—that's the guiding principle of Artcomun. The team is convinced that addressing the challenges faced by artists is crucial to unlocking the potential of the art ecosystem. 

The platform offers a one-stop solution for website management, fan engagement, reaching new collectors, sales channels, and much more.


Art galleries, recognized for their authoritative presence and event-centric operations, are vital to the art ecosystem. They grapple with challenges related to event promotion, fan base management, and the removal of intermediaries.

Artcomun enables galleries to administer the websites of the artists under their representation, allowing them to communicate events and news to their followers and those of their artists.

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